After some tough fishing over the past few trips, we finished the 2019 season on a good note.  With the exception of some fog early, we had a beauty of a day.

After a few days of warm weather, the bass finally decided to feed again. Luckily, we were able to catch fish all day and managed to bring home a nice pile of fish

All in all, the 2019 fall season was a good one.  On average, we had good weather and the fish that we caught were larger than in years past.  Luckily, we were able to fish in MD waters until their season closed on 12/15 and took advantage of their more liberal bass regulations.

Time will tell what the 2020 seasons will bring regarding Striped Bass regulations, but this past year gave us the best summer fishing that I have experienced in years.  If luck holds, the upcoming spring and summer will produce similar results.

Now that the fishing season is over for a few months, I will be doing some waterfowl hunting and staying busy with maintenance on the boat & will be prepared to fish when the fish show up in 2020.    I am looking forward to it already.