About Us

The Captain:

Joe Biddlecomb

Captain Joseph Biddlecomb is a resident guide who has lived on, and fished the waters surrounding the Northern Neck of Virginia his entire life.

With more than 30 years of experience in fishing the Virginia and Maryland portions of the Chesapeake Bay, Potomac River and Atlantic Ocean, he is well versed in the methods and techniques used in catching all of the species of fish found in these areas. During his long history of sport fishing, Joseph has had great opportunities to fish with many of the best Charter Boat Captains as a Mate, as well as other top anglers in the area. It was through these experiences that Joseph has refined his techniques, which are based on the best practices learned from these great fishermen. Captain Joe holds a Coast Guard Master, or Captains license as well as a class A Guide License.

The Family:

The Biddlecomb Family has a long history of working the Chesapeake Bay. Joseph is a member of the fourth generation of his family that has worked on the water, and the third generation to work as a Guide and Charter Boat Captain. His father, Captain Fred Biddlecomb, and his vessel the Dudley have been fixtures in the Northern Neck’s charter fleet for nearly 30 years. It was working with his father that Joseph has gained a great deal of his experience. Captain Walter Biddlecomb, Joseph’s Grand Father was a lifelong waterman, and when opportunity arose, he supplemented his family’s income by carrying guided fishing trips and waterfowl hunts during the 1930’s and 40’s.

Fred Biddlecomb
Capt. Fred Biddlecomb
Capt. Walter Biddlecomb